Waterfowl Hunting Terms & Conditions
and what to bring on your waterfowl hunting trip with Prairie Rose Outfitters

      Please bring the following:
  • Warm insulated clothing, Boots, Gloves, Waterproof Camo and mask.
  • Other Items which may be a good idea:
  • Hip boots or waders
  • Camera
  • Your favorite drink for after supper.
  • Good Hunting Stories
  • A good sense of humor!
  • Shotgun Shells available in camp
  • 12 gauge (your favorite shotgun)
  • Shot sizes - BBB and # 2,#3, & # 4 steel shot. # 6 lead for Upland.
  • Gun oil
  • Cleaning supplies
Shells for Purchase: Book your shells needs in advance. We will have for sale a variety of 12 gauge 3" and 3 1/2" shells, and some 10 gauge shells. We will purchase back any unopened full boxes from you at the conclusion of the hunt.

Ice Chest: To bring your bird’s home you will need to bring an ice chest that will meet airline requirements and hold your birds. (Styrofoam is no longer acceptable on most airlines). Please advise if you require a cooler, they can be provided at a cost of $30.00 US

Care of Game Birds: Bird cleaning is NOT included in the cost of the hunt and all birds MUST be cleaned. Cleaning facilities are available on site. We have found that a strong group effort with 1-2 hunters from your group with your guide after the hunt usually gets the job done in 30 minutes or less. Also a great time to share a few of the hunting stories. If you prefer not to help with the bird cleaning, we can have this outsourced, birds can be breasted at a cost of:

United States migratory bird hunting regulations state that it is unlawful for a person to import into the United States migratory game birds belonging to another person. Evidence of sex and species must remain attached to the bird until the final U.S. destination is reached.

Terms & Conditions for Booking a Waterfowl Hunt with Prairie Rose Outfitters

Please contact us for more information or to book your goose & duck hunt.

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Duck,  Goose and Sandhill Crane Hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada with Prairie Rose Outfitters Waterfowl Hunting Guides. Saskatchewan bird hunting in the Quill Lakes region of Saskatchewan Canada. We specialize in Snow goose hunting along with greater and lesser Canada geese, and white-fronted geese (specklebellies). Also available waterfowl hunts for mallard, pintail, gadwall, and teal ducks (and more), upland game birds such as Sharp-Tail Grouse (Prairie Chicken) and Hungarian Partridge.
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