Duck Hunting & Goose Hunting Testimonials
Prairie Rose Outfitters is happy to share some great references from some of our duck hunts and goose hunts during the recent waterfowl hunting seasons.

2015 - Jim Beresford

We had a wonderful hunt as usual. Galen did a great job of having everything ready and a lot of birds located. Both Galen and Thomas did a great job and we would be happy to hunt with them again.


Jim Beresford

Beresford Outdoors

Houston, TX, USA

2013 - Gaylen Harken

I have hunted five consecutive years at Dafoe and gave Champetre a first try in 2013. Both locations turned out to be great hunts. You can always depend on the white geese with Quill lake refuge holding tons of birds every year at Dafoe. The Champetre hunts were great as well. A little more of a duck and goose mixed bag, but loads of action. The guides, dogs, food, and hospitality was equally as good at both locations.


Gaylen Harken

816-506-5717 or 816-431-6008

Platte City, MI, USA

2013 - Gary Aagesen

Another great hunt this year (just like all the rest). As in previous years of hunting around Dafoe, the hunt in 2013 was great, the number birds and variety of birds both ducks and geese is superior to any other place I have waterfowl hunted. I have always brought business guests to the hunt and they absolutely rave about the hunting, 2013 was no exception. This year we had a very unique experience one afternoon, shortly after laying out the decoy set the snow geese started to fly off of the lake. As the number of geese above us grew a “goose tornado” formed over us, thousands of birds building to a rotating mass dropping into the set. I have seen these before from a distance but never had one form above me, very exciting. See you next season.

Gary Aagesen

2006 - Steve Bayless

There are a lot of birds here, especially a lot of white birds and that's the reason I came.  Tossed in on top of that, some of the best duck hunting I've ever had, anywhere.  I guess the bonus was the Canada Geese.  The people that work for Prairie Rose, under Craig's direction, did an excellent job.  All and all a very nice trip.  Good people to be around and to be with.

See the video.


Steve Bayless

Ducks Unlimited - retired

Bozeman, MT, USA

2006 - Ken Heidl

The hunting was phenomenal.  We made it into the "100 Bird Club" with Prairie Rose Outfitters.  We'll be back again next year to try to put a couple more on the books.

See the video.

Ken Heidl,
Bozeman, MT, USA


2005 - Bill Buckner

Hi Craig,

As in past years, Prairie Rose has never failed to meet my expectations.  Lots of birds, great hospitality and fond memories that will last a lifetime. Looking forward to spending another great week in the field with you next year.

Regards, Bill Buckner

Bayer Crop Science, USA









2005 -  Mike Mezrah

Dear Prairie Rose:

What more can I say regarding our Goose/Duck hunts in Canada but: Awesome! As a returning client year after year we will continue our track record and relieve your population of Geese and ducks. My group this past year was astounded by the sheer numbers of waterfowl in your region. As first time hunters they are now ruined by their first experience ion Canada. Limiting on Snows in 2 hours  and shooting limits of ducks daily is a waterfowls dream.

Thanks for the southern hospitality, great accommodations and excellent food during our stay. See you again next year!

Mike Mezrah
Tampa Bay 100 Ducks Unlimited-Chairman
2005 - Ken Fryer

The Prairie sun had not yet made its appearance over the pea field. Snow geese were tumbling into our spread by the hundreds. Within minutes it was raining friggin geese dangerously close to where we were sitting. In what seemed like an hour or so we had full limits of white and dark geese. Our host, a hockey player, masquerading as a family man and computer savvy businessman said "welcome to our world guys!". After a wonderful home cooked brunch our only dilemma now was to take a nap or hunt chickens before hunting the white geese again in the afternoon. It doesn't get any better than this! We'll be back again and again, thanks to Craig Rath of Prairie Rose Outfitters.

Ken Fryer
San Lui Obisbo, Califonia

2005 - Jared Brown

The time spent goose hunting with Prairie Rose Outfitters will be forever etched in my mind. Growing up hunting in South Louisiana, I thought I had seen the most snow geese possible in one area, Wrong! The numbers were three fold greater than I ever witnessed. Also the food was good and plentiful while the accommodations were comfortable in a farm house setting.

Jared Brown Tampa, Florida

Co-Host DU-TV


2005 -  Marc Pierce

Having traveled all over North America hunting all species of ducks and geese, Snow Geese are my absolute favourite. They are beautiful, smart and with the current overpopulation, you can shoot lots of them! That said, hunting with you and Prairie Rose around the Quill Lakes is about the best snow goose hunting I have experienced. The average number of birds we took per day was astonishing! Thanks for the daily "Snow storm"!

Marc Pierce/Montana
Co-Host DU-TV

2003 - John Watson

Craig – I wanted to write and thank you and the gang for the best Duck and Goose hunting experiences we have had in many years. We had never experienced the amount of Snow Geese that you were able to provide for us. The couple of afternoon Duck shoots were fabulous! (The dog enjoyed them too). The lodging, food, fellowship and the way you, your family and the guides treated us were second to none! (Tell “mom” her pickles are the best).

The hunting experience at Prairie Rose was everything you said it would be, Thank You so much for opportunity to experience it. As Arnold would say “We’ll be back”


John Watson

Holland Michigan USA

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