Spring Snow Goose Hunting

with Prairie Rose Outfitters

The Spring Snow Goose Hunt in Saskatchewan offers us the last opportunity to Hunt Snow Geese on their northern migration in the spring. The birds have been feeding on corn and grain fields all the way north before they reach us and they are well fattened up. Spring is the best time to take mounts as the birds are fully feathered and heavy. The juvenile snow geese in the flocks have grown during their migration. The numbers were high this past fall so we expect the same this spring. With the recent large hatches over the past several years, snow geese numbers are high. The birds will push northward as long as the weather and open water conditions permit. The snow geese in the spring will travel in flocks numbering anywhere from 5000 to several 100,000 birds. Our constant spotting helps we select the best field locations as the migration constantly has birds leaving the area and new flocks arriving.


From mid-April through till mid-May is the best time to hunt spring snow geese in our area. This is when the snow goose numbers are consistently highest, during the snow goose spring migration.

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Expect long days in the field beginning with early mornings. Wake up call is about 3:00 am in the later part of April which gives us time for a quick coffee and muffins before heading to the fields about 3:30 am. You will participate in the setup of a large spread of mostly silo sock decoys, and electronic gear. We like to be ready for a shooting time of about 5:00 am. Morning hunts will usually last until about noon, or until we have your limit of 20 snow geese each. Then it's back to camp for bird cleaning and brunch. We then recommend you spend some time catching up on your sleep before the afternoon hunt. The morning hunt is the primary hunt, but should the opportunity allow, you may do some pass shooting as the birds skip from one field to another from day roost ponds. This will last until about 7:30 p.m. This is also the time we evaluate the options for the next morning and lock in permission of fields. Then it’s a short night before the next morning hunt. See some photos below from previous spring hunts. Note the mix of mature snow and blue geese.


The hunting regulation for Spring Snow Goose Hunts have changed beginning the 2015 Spring season. We are no longer restricted to the snow goose species, which includes both white phase as well as blue phase snow geese. Ross's Geese are now included in the Spring Snow Goose hunt which significantly increases the hunting opportunity. Our decoy set ups are often visited by many passing Canada Geese, Specklebelly Geese, Sand Hill Cranes, and a variety of ducks. These species are not legal to hunt in the spring but they add to the scenery and wet our appetites for the fall hunting season.

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