Duck & Goose Hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada with
Prairie Rose Outfitters Waterfowl Hunting Guides

Saskatchewan bird hunting trips including;

Snow Geese, Greater and lesser Canada Geese, White Fronted Geese and waterfowl hunts for Mallards, Pintails, and Teal Ducks in the Quill Lakes region of Saskatchewan Canada.

A Typical Waterfowl Hunt Day

...early to bed...early to rise

Early Morning:
Please expect to be up early, our days start at 4:30 a.m. with coffee and a light meal. The morning goose and duck hunt is exhilarating. Tens of thousands of Snow geese along with Canada's and Specks make their way to nearby fields. Numerous varieties of ducks including Mallards and Pintails fill the skies from early September to late October providing some awesome hunting opportunities. By 6:00 a.m. we are set up in the field. We tailor the set up for snow geese to each hunting opportunity. The choice of silo socks or hard body decoys may be influenced by the weather and field hunted. We use low profile Avery and Final Approach blinds for our Canada setups. 

Late Morning:
We will be back at camp around 10:30 to share some of the morning hunting stories. We eat lunch at 11:30 after that you can relax or return a few calls to home. We recommend you take a short nap as the days are long. Around 2:00 p.m. we set off for the afternoon set up and hunt. 

Late Afternoon:
If you haven't already reached your daily limit, the late afternoon evenings are spent field hunting and pass shooting Snow Geese, ducks or Sand Hill Cranes. Hunting for Dark Geese is restricted to morning only until after Oct 15th.

If you have reached your snow geese and or duck limit we can go for Upland birds (i.e. Sharp tailed grouse or Hungarian Partridge). Sand Hill Cranes are also an option if you up for a little adventure.

After the evening hunt you will return to your accommodations for your evening meal and wind down from a busy but rewarding day in the blind.

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Duck,  Goose and Sandhill Crane Hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada with Prairie Rose Outfitters Waterfowl Hunting Guides. Saskatchewan bird hunting in the Quill Lakes region of Saskatchewan Canada. We specialize in Snow goose hunting along with greater and lesser Canada geese, and white-fronted geese (specklebellies). Also available waterfowl hunts for mallard, pintail, gadwall, and teal ducks (and more), upland game birds such as Sharp-Tail Grouse (Prairie Chicken) and Hungarian Partridge.
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