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2018 Goose & Duck Hunting Season:

The fall goose & duck hunting season begins on September 1st For Non-residents dark geese can be hunted after the first week of September. Our 3 day packages begin on September 1, and continue through October 31.

We offer 2 full field step ups each day. Yes that is double the work for us and double the opportunity for you to kill more birds. We can hunt snow geese in the afternoons all day, all season.

We hunt a variety of migratory birds including Greater Canada geese, Lesser Canada geese, and white front geese (specklebellies), Snow Geese, Blue Geese and Ross Geese. Also Sand Hill Cranes along with Ducks, mostly Mallards and Pintails, but many others common to the Quill Lakes area. As much or more variety than anywhere in Canada!!!

So be sure to consider this when making your decision if you think we are a little more expensive than the next guy. Prairie Rose Outfitters simply has more to offer!!!

Fall Waterfowl Hunting Package Rates:

3 Days of Hunting:
  $3,200.00 US per person plus 5% GST.

Hunt Includes:

  • 3 days of hunting.
  • 3 nights’ accommodation at Prairie Rose Lodge at Dafoe or our Saskatoon East location (20 minutes from Saskatoon)

Spring Snow Goose Hunting Package Rates:

3 Days of Hunting:
  $2,750.00 US per person plus 5% GST.

Hunt Includes:

  • 3 days of hunting.
  • 3 nights’ accommodation at Prairie Rose Lodge at Dafoe

Not Included (All hunters will be responsible for the following):

~All pricing is in U.S. Funds based on a min of 4-6 persons in a party.
~6 day hunts can be accommodated pending space availability.
~Non Hunters are welcome there is a daily charge is $ 200.00 USD. per person.

Gratuities are appreciated and should reflect the service you received. We are often asked about guidelines for tips to our cooks, guides and hosts. Individual tips may vary but group tips generally are in the 5-15% range. Completely up to you.

Sunday Arrival:
Hunts will take place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, departing Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday Arrival:
Hunts will take place Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning, departing Saturday afternoon.

Bag Limits (Always refer to hunting guide as changes can occur close to the season):

Hunting License Information (based on 2012 rates)

Wildlife Habitat Certificate $10.79 CDN
Migratory Game Bird Permit $17.85 CDN
Non Resident Game Bird License $113.83 CDN
TOTAL $142.47 CDN
Total in US Funds based on a 1.05 exchange  rate. Actual cost based on rate day purchased. $150.00 US

All required license information for each hunter must be sent to us in advance. This allows us to have all the licenses purchased for you and your group prior to your arrival in camp. The hunt license costs are calculated separate to the hunt as these charges are set by the government and can vary from year to year.

You can purchase your hunting license online.

The required information to purchase your hunting license prior to your arrival is in the hunter record sheet. Please fill this out for your group and send to us 30 days prior to your arrival.  We will prepare the Waiver of Indemnity, this must be signed at camp before the first hunt.  Before crossing the border, complete the firearms declaration form.

Please contact us for more information or to book your goose & duck hunt with Prairie Rose Outfitters Inc.

Prairie Rose Outfitting Inc. - Craig Rath
207 Lucyk Rise ~ Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7W 0E8
Phone: 306-227-2822 Fax: 306-683-6427
Email: craig@prairieroseoutfitters.com

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Duck,  Goose and Sandhill Crane Hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada with Prairie Rose Outfitters Waterfowl Hunting Guides. Saskatchewan bird hunting in the Quill Lakes region of Saskatchewan Canada. We specialize in Snow goose hunting along with greater and lesser Canada geese, and white-fronted geese (specklebellies). Also available waterfowl hunts for mallard, pintail, gadwall, and teal ducks (and more), upland game birds such as Sharp-Tail Grouse (Prairie Chicken) and Hungarian Partridge.
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